炉制造噪音? 这是为什么


你的炉子是否在吱吱作响,铿锵作响,砰砰作响? Unusual sounds are a sure sign that something’s amiss with your heating system. 布伦南供暖公司的团队 & 空调 has dealt with every sound 一个炉 can make, and we have professional furnace repair solutions for all of them. However, to the untrained ear, it can be difficult to tell what’s wrong with the unit. We put together this helpful reference article to help you answer the burning question, "为什么我的炉子发出那种声音?” Our 哪个app能买球彩 furnace technicians are here to help you understand what’s wrong with your furnace and are standing by

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假期终于到来了, and with this festive time of year comes the reminder that you’re running short on time to prepare your home for the coldest weather we experience annually. One of the most important aspects of doing so is ensuring that your heating system is in good condition and operating efficiently. You’re likely to be relying heavily on it over the next several months. When you’re spending so much more time inside the house with the thermostat cranked up, 它会给你的炉子施加额外的压力和压力. 如果你不采取一定的准备措施

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冬天的天气很难预测, and it can get even more unpredictable when snow and ice are in the forecast. Since you don’t know if the snowfall will be a blizzard or light dusting, the last thing you want is to discover a problem with your HVAC unit that you could have tackled sooner. Timely and proper maintenance of the unit can prevent minor problems from becoming major and expensive fixes in the long run. 你是否拥有一个热泵, 一个炉, 或者一个多用途系统, 为冬天的天气准备暖通空调设备

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如果你住在老林伍德, WA, 带地下室的家, 就像我们很多人一样, 总是有一个关于如何处理供暖的问题. 你是否应该使用取暖器? 如果是这样,你如何确保它们是安全的? Should you use a central heating system like 一个炉, radiator, or air conditioner? We go into detail about the best heating options for basements. 1. Space Heaters for Basements Space heaters can be an effective heating solution for a basement if you choose the right one for your situation and use it correctly. 他们

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HVAC ductwork is quite likely the last thing that comes to your mind as you go about your usual activities within the house. Air ducts are normally hidden; however, 他们仍然需要关注, 经常维护和修理. Air ducts are fundamental components of your HVAC system because they circulate conditioned air throughout your residence. 因为它们的重要性, it is prudent to be on the lookout for any signs of faulty operation and seek professional repair and maintenance services from experts at a company such as 布伦南加热 & 如果你注意到有空调的话. 我们提供

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Space heaters are becoming a popular way to provide supplemental heat without jacking up your energy bill. However, these heaters can result in a house fire if they’re not used correctly. 按照下面的建议来做, you can safely operate your space heater to get more heat for your home. Make It 电 You can purchase space heaters that use different types of fuel. 最常见的是电力、石油、丙烷和天然气. Due to the fact that you’ll be using the space heater in an enclosed space, it’s

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Blockages in your gutters can cause a lot of issues that are frustrating and expensive to fix. If you don’t regularly clean the gutters, they can create ice dams and damage your foundation. It could also trigger moisture problems that could put your family’s health at risk. Here are some dangers of clogged gutters and how to prevent blockages and damage to your home. How Defective Gutters Cause Water Damage It is always advisable to keep the gutters clear of leaves and debris. As the system that channels water away from the roof, gutters need to

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如果你有一个煤气炉,它有一个指示灯. 火焰应该是蓝色且稳定的. 如果出现问题,灯就会完全熄灭. 这可能是由于各种不同的原因. Most of the time, when the flame goes out, it is because of a draft or other minor issue. When the pilot light goes out, you can easily relight it yourself. Gather Your Tools Relighting your pilot light will not require many tools. All you will need is a long-handled match or long-reach lighter

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In the summer of 2021, temperatures hit record highs all across the country. 作为普吉特湾地区的居民, it’s likely that you were expecting your air conditioning unit to make your home livable under the intense heat. Unfortunately, you might have noticed your system not cooling your house that well. 除了温度高于正常水平, an HVAC unit not cooling your home can indicate that you failed to set it up correctly for summer or that something is broken. 在布伦南加热 & 空调, we have been serving the Western Puget Sound community since 1987. We

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夏天的结束表明了一些事情, 包括结束炎热的晴天, 孩子们回到学校, 也是您维修暖通空调的理想时间. 忙碌的夏天过后, a proper check-up on your unit enables you to identify potential issues and fix them in time. You can conveniently maintain your system to deliver efficient cooling and heating performances for immediate and future comforts. End-of-Summer 维护 Checklist Whether you are an experienced or first-time air conditioning system user, knowing how to maintain your unit regularly is essential to maintaining lasting comfort

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